Decentralized systems in logistics: usage overview and security issues

O.O. Letichevsky, S.O. Gorbatuk


The directions of the application and use of decentralized (distributed) systems are analyzed using the example of blockchain technology in the international logistics. The prospects and key aspects of the further development of decentralized systems and large databases are considered. The basics of the functioning of smart contracts based on Etherium and Solidity language are considered. The main security problems in the integrated supply chain are analyzed, and directions for improving the monitoring of the continuity of product quality control during movement in a multimodal supply chain are identified. Methods are proposed for strengthening security control in decentralized systems in logistics. The methodology of formal algebraic methods is considered in order to analyze and study the properties of transportations in the interaction of agents of a certain logistic environment.

Problems in programming 2020; 1: 55-73


decentralized system; blockchain; smart contract; logistics; Solidity


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