Clio-effect and Windows vs. Linux

O.I. Provotar, K.D. Protasova


We investigate the influence of previous Linux and Windows development on their further progress, dependents of their growth on their historical path, their path dependence or Clio-effect. We give the classification of path dependence according to example of Linux and Windows OS development. We research the reasons influencing the path of Linux and Windows growth, as well as influence of the reasons on their further development. We describe Linux and Windows marketing models and effect of these models on the operation system progress. We give comparative characteristic of Linux and Windows technical efficiency according to path dependence theory. We examine the chances of correction of path dependence negative effects and improvement of Linux and Windows further development; we consider economic feasibility of eliminating these disadvantages. Linux and Windows development forecast in the lights of path dependence theory is given in the article.


path dependence; comparative characteristics of Linux vs. Win-dows; general Public License


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