Development support system formation and analysis of annual reports of institutions of NAS of Ukraine

Ye.M. Tverdokhlib, P.I. Perkonos, S.V. Subbotin


The results of the development of an automated system to support the formation and analysis of annual reports of institutions of Ukraine. The analysis of legal materials, regulations, and procedures for the organization reporting the Academy. Based on the analysis was built detailed functional model of the technological cycle collection and analysis of data reporting institutions applying best practices, focused on the organizational structure of scientific institutions in the country and the traditions that have developed institutions. Briefly describes the basic technological and technical solutions system, namely the proposed system architecture; software tools are used as finished components; tools integration platform for software development and specific components of the system; specification of components and software information.


reporting; coordination; decision support; information systems; electronic document


The charter of the National Academy of Sci-ences of Ukraine, 2002

The provisions of section 1998 of NAS of Ukraine.

Typical charter of regional scientific center of NAS of Ukraine and Ministry of Science Ukraine.

The provisions on the separation of the Na-tional Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Basic principles of organization and activities of the Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The provisions on the formation of complex target programs of scientific research of Ukraine.

Ordinance № 729 from 11.30.2012. On the preparation of the report on the activities of NAS of Ukraine in 2012.

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