Software engineering ontologies categorization

N.A. Sydorov, N.N. Sydorova, I.B. Mendzebrovsky


Software engineering is an own scientific and practice aria with an own structure, terminology, products, pro-cesses and resources. The software product is a knowledge-based product and it is the result of the knowledge-based actions. In this research, categorization of ontologies in software engineering are presented. The known criterion (process, domain, structure) are used for the categorization of ontologies but two criterion (process and domain) was modified. The process criterions is looked in the connection whit time period and the prede-velopment time added to time period. The domain criterions is making whit help of the representation of soft-ware engineering world in the form of domains. The ontologies are involved in representing knowledge of three types of the software engineering domains. In the first, the application domain, the focus is on under-standing the customer needs and what the software product must do. In the second, the implementation do-main, the focus is on understanding how the software product must behave and respond to the customer needs. In the third, the problem domain, the focus is on understanding the software engineering problems, which can be during software life cycle processes of the software product. Our research goal is to develop categorization of the software engineering ontologies on the base of adding known criterion. Ontological representation of software engineering knowledge; categorization; domain analysis; object-oriented programming; ontology-driven utilizing of programming styles. Categorization of the software engineering ontologies. The results of case study, using ontologies by categorization are presented. Had developed categorization of ontologies, it is possible exactly to define types of software engineering ontologies and its places into software processes. This is demonstrating on the examples of the case studies.

Problems in programming 2018; 1: 55-64


software engineering;programming; ontology; categorization; domain analysis; programming style

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