The expert analytic process for the choice of the organization management actions using corporative knowledge. Part II. Methods and Models of the Expert Methodology

E.P. Ilina


Paper is devoted to the models and the methods of support for the special process of the alternative management action expert choice when the action has to be realized by organizational measures. Such the choice takes into account the influence of the action on the decidable problem situation and its probable negative aftereffects in organization activity field. In Part I the model of the organization goals is presented. This model includes such the types of goals as standard, planned, produced by stakeholders' interests and brought about the decisions made in organization ones. The goals included are both hard and soft ones. The properties of goals such as equivalence, opposition and accessibility are formalized by means the model proposed. The analysis of these properties that is realized under actual state of the decision field and goals field of organization is employed as important analytical support for the expert analytical choice process. It includes the functions of the context and recommendations forming for the action perspectivity expert evaluation that will be considered in the next part of this paper.

Problems in programming 2018; 1: 92-104


decision making support; organization decision; organization knowledge model; system of organization goals; expert choice; evaluation of goal accessibility; perspectivity of organization measure


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