System aspects of design guaranteased cloud calculations

N.A. Kosovets, I.E. Shchetynin, L.N. Tovstenko


There is discussed the system aspects of designing secure cloud computing. Technical realization of such computational content is possible with the use of a spatial fault-tolerant multiprocessor of a real time scale with a variable ratio of performance and reliability with a lack of reliability resources by means of the operating system, dynamically changing the architectural appearance of the system with structural redundancy. Particular attention is paid to the consideration of an abstract resource – reliability, its exceptional role in the design of a multiprocessor with the properties of fault tolerance. The system is reconfigured the task is redistributed among the processors. If there are free processors, the latter are initialized and included in the computational process. The authors proposed and formulated an assessment of the effectiveness of this fault-tolerant technology.

Problems in programming 2018; 2-3: 061-067


reliability; cloud computing; multiprocessor; reconfiguration; variation of performance and reliability; architecture


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