Extension of the program synthesis system to analyze large data sets

O.M. Ovdii


Analysis of large data sets is a challenging problem in the modern world. This paper presents an extension of the online dialog designer of syntactically correct programs ODSP for programs designing and synthesis for analyzing large data sets based on Apache Hadoop software. The advantage of the proposed approach is the use of a method that ensures the syntactic correctness of algorithms and programs that were designed. Experiments have been carried out and the operation of the system is illustrated by the example of program designing for analyzing a large meteorological data set. This approach is promising for the scientific research conducting, in particular in the field of meteorology.

Problems in programming 2018; 2-3: 068-074


design and synthesis of programs; distributed computing; Big Data; Map Reduce; Hadoop


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/pp2018.02.068


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