Information Technology for Computer Systems Applied Software Development and Usage Cost expert-analytical estimation

P.I. Andon, I.P. Sinitsyn, P.P. Ignatenko, О.А. Slabospitskaya


New Roles of Cost Estimates of Computer Systems (CS) Applied Software (AS) development and usage within CS successful development (modernization) are identified. These roles are Rationales and Means for Decisions coordination concerning CS Value and life cycle (LC) Cost balancing that satisfies all CS stakeholders.

To enable these Roles Methods for AS Cost estimating unification is substantiated under CS LC specifics (LC evolutionary  models diversity, (non)developmental ready-to-use items usage, CS and AS requirements volatility, their tightening for efficiency, reliability and security). Within the expert-analytical approach for AS Cost Estimation initiated by the authors the unification tool, named as an Information Technology for formalized Cost estimation Problem multiple informed solving over LC with AS expert assessments within their common information environment, is provided. The Technology unifies the authors' techniques for AS development/ annual maintenance Cost evaluating with  COCOMO II.2000.4 model and approved methods (universal and special for defense CS) within the author's methodology of  Diagnostic Expertise. Technology components are described: open AS and AS LC models Classifiers; mathematical Methods (for expert assessing, AS efforts evaluating, its transforming into cost up to regulations, forming/refining efforts regression models); Methods Applicability to AS Function; Sub-models of AS Cost expert assessing and experts selecting Processes.

Elaborated Technology accelerates and cheapens AS Cost estimation due improving its methods based on their results and unifying procedures. It provides all CS and AS LC participants in timely manner with sound, adequately specialized and compatible Cost estimates facilitating Decisions substantiality and informational consistency concerning CS development (modernization) rational processes as well as keeping those processes’ efficiency acceptable for all stakeholders.

Problems in programming 2018; 4: 15-29



computer system; applied software; life cycle; decision; information technology; cost estimation model; efforts; diagnostic expertise


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