Automated design of OpenCL programs based on algebra-algorithmic approach

А.Yu. Doroshenko, M.M. Bondarenko, O.A. Yatsenko


Further progress in improving the quality of parallel software development is linked to the use of heterogeneous architectures of parallel computing systems. Heterogeneous parallel systems, in particular, include hybrid computing platforms combining the use of central and graphics processing units. One of the facilities for programming such systems is OpenCL. The paper proposes the further development of previously developed algebra-algorithmic tools in the direction of automated design and synthesis of OpenCL programs. The particular feature of the proposed approach consists in using a high-level language based on Glushkov’s system of algorithmic algebra. The approach is illustrated on the development of a parallel interpolation algorithm, which is the part of the numerical weather forecasting program. The results of the experiment consisting in executing of the generated OpenCL program on a graphics processing unit are given. The program is compared with the implementation for CUDA platform.

 Problems in programming 2019; 1: 27-36


automated software design; algorithm algebra; CUDA; heterogeneous parallel computing systems; meteorological forecasting; OpenCL; software synthesis


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