Algebraic modeling in international and local service logistical systems

O.O. Letychevskyi, S.O. Gorbatuk, V.A. Gorbatuk


International and internal service logistics are advancing at a tremendous pace in our modern life, and future forecasts for this area are optimistic. For this reason, we face a task in the control, optimization and safety and security checking of complex logistical systems with many internal agents working in a changing environment. Our paper aims to show how mathematical modeling, especially behavior algebra, can provide an opportunity for predicting the behavior and stability of logistics environments and checking their safety and security properties. The main security properties of complex logistics systems of different capacities and levels are stability of operation, resistance to external threats and detection and elimination of vulnerabilities. During the development of software systems, it is advisable to use a model approach. It involves the creation of models as tools at every stage of software development for the application of verification, testing and validation methods. Algebraic models of logistics systems can be used to analyze the behavior of all agents involved and to prove their ability to fulfill their goals and the ability of the whole system to constantly exist and remain stable. As examples of practical use the application in practice of algebra of behaviors on an example of the operating closed logistic system of a farm is considered.

Problems in programming 2020; 4: 88-97


behavior algebra; insertion modeling; formal verification; supply chain; modeldriven development; security properties


BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).

UML (Unified Modelling Language).

SysML (Systems Modelling Language).

VDM (Vienna Development Method).


APS (Algebraic Programming System)

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