Designing RESTful API for the e-procurement system in private sector

А.Yu. Doroshenko, B.V. Bodak


The software for the e-procurement system was developed based on .NET Core RESTful API with Open API specifications. The server side uses RESTful API which ensures compatibility with the majority of clients and enables them to exchange information in JSON format. The authentication and authorization flow was implemented using OAuth open standard paired with Microsoft Identity Service. User roles and functionality were handled with a standalone service for authentication and registration that made our system efficient and scalable. Business logic was designed to be split into micro-services accessible through routing controllers. This approach allowed us to separate the responsibilities between the server and the client side. Special authorization headers passed during modification queries allowed us to control and restrict access to particular resources for unauthorized users. The distributed cache mechanism inside the data repository level was used in order to increase the responsiveness of the system. The state handling subsystem was designed utilizing Finite State Machine concepts. The developed system was verified using unit and integration tests.

Prombles in programming 2021; 1: 03-15


e-procurement; RESTful API; OpenAPI v3.0; API architecture; scalable software systems


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