Analytical review of approaches to integration of software systems

Y.A. Dyvak


Conducted comparison analysis of existing approaches to integrations of software systems, with the purpose of continuous design of new alternative approaches for resolving integration tasks and web-service composition tasks. Conducted integration of payment system with online store with one of the mentioned approaches for a deeper understanding of problems that caused during the integrations of a software system. Were considered challenges that actual for integration developers during the integrations and methods for resolving raised issues. Defined the key moments of integrations of software systems and interactions between them that we should pay attention to. The subject of research needs a new points of view to the issue and new alternative approaches that might bring more flexibility, increase performance, and they will find the right place for applying in the field of integrations of software systems and the composition of web-services.

Problems in programming 2021; 1: 36-48


Integrations of software systems; web-service composition


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