Algorithm and software for determining a musical genre by lyrics to create a song hit

A.A. Triantafillu, M.A. Mateshko, V.L. Shevchenko, І.P. Sinitsyn


One of the needs of music business is a quick classification of the song genre by means of widely available tools. This work focuses on improving the accuracy of the song genre determination based on its lyrics through the development of software that uses new factors, namely the rhythm of the text and its morpho-syntactic structure. In the research Bayes Classifier and Logistic Regression were used to classify song genres, a systematic approach and principles of invention theory were used to summarize and analyze the results. New features were proposed in the paper to improve the accuracy of the classification, namely the features to indicate rhythm and parts of speec h in the song.

Problems in programming 2021; 2: 85-94


genre; rhythm; song; text; classification

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