A model and software for the inertial measurement unit

S.O. Bezpalko, V.M. Shymkovysh, A.Yu. Doroshenko


The module of stabilization of an inclination of the plane with three degrees of freedom, the software for data acquisition from MPU-6050 using the I2C protocol, and the program of realization of the digital proportional-integral-diff erential regulator with algorithm of subtomatic factor is developed. A model of a gyroscopic device for testing the created solution was built. Considering time and resource constraints, the following solutions were chosen: PID controller for motor voltage control, PWM as a way to create a control signal, Kalman fi lter for processing output of the IMU, device and relay method in pairs with the Ziegler-Nichols method for the selection of the coeffi cients of the regulator. Test results or the following characteristics of the transition process: the time of the transition process - 0.44s, overregulation - 6.2%. Further improvement of the quality of the transient process is possible through the use of high- quality inertial measuring devices, high-precision electric motors withhigh torque.

Prombles in programming 2022; 2: 03-12


gyroscopic system; stabilization module; inertial measuring unit; 6 axis inertial measurement system; controller; pulse width modulation; I2C


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