Methods and Models for Employment of the Expert Analytical Knowledge in Organization Decision Making. Part I. Decisions Knowledge Models

E.P. Ilina


The paper is devoted to the formal representation of the organization decision by providing of the special kind of the organization knowledge models. Being employed in the organization information system these models give an ability for reusing of organization experience. Moreover they help to support analytical operations for quality man-agement of organization decisions and decision making processes. The main components of the proposed knowledge models system are the Ontological Model for Decisions Support and the Decision Field of Organization. First of them includes such the categories of concepts as Gall, Gall Tree, Operation, Problem Situation, Side Influence, Decision, Package of Decisions, Value, Value tree. Their models are represented as the systems of the partial definitions for the concept that belong to the certain category and the set of rules for interpretation of each role position in such partial definition. Incomplete conceptual knowledge may be also represented in these models. Models proposed may be used for representation of the Organization Decisions Field and for constructing the mechanism of its analysis that is a subject of the next part of this article.

Prombles in programming 2016; 1: 89-101


organization decision; ontology of decision making; decision field of organization; ontological concepts category; partial definition of concept; conceptually incomplete knowledge


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