Software means of modeling of the vector type of reactive engine control system

А.Yu. Doroshenko, V.M. Shymkovych, V.O. Fedorenko


The article is devoted to the development of the controller of the vector control system for the engine of a jet fighter, its calculation, modeling with MatLab software package and description in its language VHDL, which is able to control the deviation of the jet engine from the direction corresponding to the cruising regime. The article synthesizes a digital PID regulator to improve quality performance. We develop a general block diagram which shows the necessary sensors from which information is took off, a control unit that performs data processing and transmits the generated signal to actuators (servo drives) for controlling the jet flow in the engine. According to the characteristics of the selected servo, an appropriate transfer function is developed. To improve the control process characteristics, four parallel operating PID regulators, with parallel calculations in each of the PID controller blocks, on one FPGA chip are implemented.

Problems in programming 2018; 2-3: 296-304


MatLab; VHDL; Vector Traction; Controller; Control System; FPGA; PID Regulator

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