Reference model for Semantic Web adaptive composite service

О.A. Slabospitskaya


An innovative Approach is substantiated for such a Semantic Web Service (ACS) on-line composing that is adaptive – able to change its behaviour to meet new requirements and to fit new (un)foreseen situations – and applicable by third parties for any composing method.  Reference Model is presented for ACS being considered as Dynamic Line of changeable Semantic Services for customers in target domain. The Basics for ACS engineering through Dynamic Variability Management over the Line are stated. ACS Diagnostic Variability Model to clarify its on-line adaptation Needs and Strategies is elaborated. The operations are formalized to implement the Strategies – namely, (un)anticipated change of the Component Services set, their interim Compositions’ structure and functions, ACS itself functions – with the isomorphism proposed between the Models of its functions and, respectively, Composite Services.

Putting Approach into practice enables effectiveness and efficiency increasing of business processes with the heterogeneous and unstable contexts usage and re-engineering.

Problems in programming 2017; 4: 051-065


adaptive composite service; semantic Web service; dynamic software product line; dynamic variability; semantic Web services composition method; service discovery; adaptation operation; isomorphism; service-oriented software system


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