The modification of the meta-language of normal forms of knowledge

A.F. Kurgaev


The set of the relations of normal forms of knowledge (alternative, concatenation, negation and iteration) is expanded by the two new relations: commitment relation – non-zero number of repetitions of some structure, non-commitment relation of some structure and structure brackets. The introduction of new relations is implemented by describing their structures with the basic relations of the meta-language of normal forms of knowledge. The text and graphical descriptions of the meta-language of normal forms of knowledge are presented, extended by the stylistic relations of the information structure descriptions. The examples of graphical variants of representing the structures of new relations between terms, which are used to self-describe the modified meta-language of normal forms of knowledge are presented with the minimally required comments.

 Problems in programming 2019; 3: 03-10


modified meta-language; self-description of the meta-language; self-description graph of the meta-language; commitment relation; non-commitment relation; structure brackets

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