Intonation expressiveness of the text at program sounding

V.L. Shevchenko, Y.S. Lazorenko, O.M. Borovska


As the amount of media content increases, there is a need for its automated sounding with the most accessible built-in and mobile means. The factors influencing the formation of different intonations were analyzed in the article, the dependences of the change of sound characteristics in accordance with the intonations were mathematically described. In the course of the study, the numerical analysis of sentences was improved using the moving average method for smoothing audio recording, approximation lines for approximate generalization of emotions as mathematical functions, and Fourier transform for volume control. The obtained dependences allow to synthesize the necessary intonations according to the punctuation of the sentence, the presence of emotionally colored vocabulary and psycho-emotional mood of the speaker when reading such a text.

As a result of our study, software for emotional sounding of texts was developed, which provides the perception of audio information easier, clearer and more comfortable based on the use of built-in processors of mobile devices.

Problems in programming 2021; 2: 76-84


text analysis; sound characteristics; intonation expressiveness

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