DS-theory. Presentation of canonical algorithm by means of algorithmic language

V.G. Kolesnyk


This work continues the description of the decomposition scheme as a theoretical model, which makes possible generation of the applied algorithms. The description of the algorithmic language made for show the possibility of algorithms generation is given. One of the factors' group is described, i.e. ways of placing the properties on the tape of the abstract type which when is taken into consideration allows to turn canonical algorithm into a real one and applied algorithm, which is the same as turning the decomposition scheme into the program text. The notions of algorithmic primitive and algorithmic joint (operand and operation) as the means for constructing the algorithm are introduced.  These notions of algorithms construction are the alternatives for the notional system and methods of structured programming. The notions of functional core, algorithmic frame, functional contents and algorithmic matrix are introduced.


generation of the applied algorithms


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