Analysis of the natural language legislative documents semantics with use of domain ontology

O.V. Lesko, J.V. Rogushina


The paper analyses the problems deal with the search in legislation documents of information that is interesting to the particular user, and the necessity of intellectualization of the search process by using of linguistic resources and ontological knowledge bases relevant to subject domains.
The structure and method of constructing of domain ontology and related with this ontology system of linguistic analysis that provides semantic markup of legislation documents by personified user terminology and the fulfillment of semantic search that supports either enhanced and modified requests to these documents.
The relationship between the terms of the ontology and the fragments of natural language text and based on this relationship normalization of the terminology of the subject domain are used.
The software implementation of information system that is based on the described in this article models and method and provides semantic search in legislation is describes.


ontology; information retrieval; semantic markup


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