Logical consequence relations in logics of quasiary predicates

O.S. Shkilniak


Logical consequence is one of the most fundamental concepts in logic. A wide use of partial (sometimes many-valued as well) mappings in programming makes important the investigation of logics of partial and many-valued predicates and logical consequence relations for them. Such relations are a semantic base for a corresponding sequent calculi construction. In this paper we consider logical consequence relations for composition nominative logics of total single-valued, partial single-valued, total many-valued and partial many-valued quasiary predicates. Properties of the relations can be different for different classes of predicates; they coincide in the case of classical logic. Relations of the types T, F, TF, IR and DI were in-vestigated in the earlier works. Here we propose relations of the types TvF and С for logics of quasiary predicates. The difference between these two relations manifests already on the propositional level. Properties of logical consequence relations are specified for formulas and sets of formulas. We consider partial cases when one of the sets of formulas is empty. It is shown that relations P|=TvF and R|=С are non-transitive, some properties of decomposition of formulas are not true for R|=С, but at the same time the latter can be modelled through R|=TF. A number of examples demonstrates particularities and distinctions of the defined relations. We also establish a relationship among various logical consequence relations.

Prombles in programming 2016; 1: 29-43


logic; predicate; semantics; logical consequence


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/pp2016.01.029


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