Game-theoretic approach to the network security problem

O.P. Ignatenko


In this paper we present an overview of the main applications of the game-theoretic approach to the network security. The game theory explores the interaction of rational agents in conflict and uncertainty. Models of game theory are successfully applied in economics, biology, computer networks and many others. Application in the field of security is a relatively new direction that allows us to present the problem of protection in the form of a game and apply advanced analysis methods. We describe main threats and corresponding models and methods of game theory in this field of science. A classification of game-theoretic approaches is proposed and a comparison of existing classifications is made. Denial of service attacks which are one of the most dangerous types of cybercrime are investigated separately. Game models of such attacks are built and the vulnerability of existing defense strategies is analyzed. Possible future trends in the application of the game approach to the problems of cybersecurity are identified and described.

Problems in programming 2017; 3: 149-160



game theory; network attacks; security of systems


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