The description of lists and sets of meta-language of normal forms of knowledge

A.F. Kurgaev


Lists use for representation of various knowledge. As lists it comfortably to present formulas, functions, trees, columns, great numbers and many other difficult objects. Great number - one of the most essential structures of data, used both in mathematics, and in programming. The formalization of lists, list-based predicates and set-based predicates in the meta-language of normal forms of knowledge is presented, based on the known Prolog-formalizations of these concepts, which use a list-domain. Among the described list-based predicates are the following: adding an element to the list, removing an element, finding the last element of a list, finding adjacent elements in a list, concatenation of lists, reversing a list, palindrome, etc. Using the list-domain, the set-based predicates are described as follows: converting a list into a set, checking if an element is in a set, concatenation, intersection, difference, symmetrical difference, identity, complement of sets, relation of subset, proper subset.

 Problems in programming 2020; 1: 03-16


meta-language; set; list; predicate; recursion; definition


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