Construction of diagnostic expert-medical system using neural networks

M.M. Glybovets, K.V. Salata, N.A. Tkach


In the article was discussed the methods (decision trees, deep learning algorithms, k-nearest neighbors, neural networks) to create diagnostic expert medical systems. For practice part were developed diagnostic API based on chosen classifiers that implement the algorithms and a study of their work was conducted. Namely, classifiers based on neural networks, decision trees and k-nearest neighbors method were compared. The parameters for the selected classifier were optimized. As a result, were selected parameters on which the data were researched. In addition, the dataset of information of patients who had heart attack was researched to develop a diagnostic system for revealing heart diseases. The diagnostic API for revealing patients’ heart diseases is described. Keywords: diagnostic systems, medical systems, neural networks, decision trees, diagnostic API.

Problems in programming 2020; 2-3: 384-391


diagnostic systems, medical systems, neural networks, decision trees, diagnostic API


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