Means for Quality Implementation and Assurance of Context-Aware Semantic Web Service Composition

P.I. Andon, O.O. Slabospitskaya


Author’s Method for Adaptive Semantic Web Service dynamic composition is enriched with the algorithms for both its Context dedicated OWL-S-specification consistent using over its Life Cycle and Cyclic Dependencies at the function level solving with the Formalisms proposed of Knot-service, Proxy-service and Simplification – for sustain Quality implementing of Web Service being formed. Quality assurance for stakeholders is proposed through dynamic verification, in particular meeting the specified context and liveness, with the process Calculus of Context-aware Ambients. The algorithms proposed increase correspondence of Web Service being formed with Customers’ expectations and enable its sustain context-aware tailoring for unified support of both modern organizations’ variable and distributed Business Processes and some problem field Customers’ needs.

Prombles in programming 2021; 4: 03-18


OWL-S; Semantic Web service dynamic context-aware Web service composition; cyclic dependency; quality assurance; composition graph; ambient calculus


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