The grammar of Petri-object model visual programming language

А.J. Dyfuchyn, I.V. Stetsenko, E.V. Zharikov


Petri-object models solve the problem of replicating fragments of Petri nets with given parameters and constructing a model from a large number of elements. The developed visual programming language of Petri-object models gives a possibility to reduce the number of errors during a model construction by automating the coding links between elements and graphical representation of a model. In addition to replicating Petri objects, the visual language implements replication of links between Petri objects. Formalization of the visual programming language grammar is presented in the form of production rules. A conclusion about grammar properties has been drawn.

Prombles in programming 2021; 1: 82-94


formal grammar; visual programming; stochastic Petri nets; simulation


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