The translator of Petri-object model visual programming language

А.Yu. Dyfuchyn


High-level programming tools are aimed at increasing the development speed of complex programs due to automation within the routine actions of the programmer, reducing the number of coding errors and reducing the code in general. Visual programming involves coding based on a visual representation of a task for the computational process instead of a textual one. The translator of the visual programming language of Petri-object models is designed and built according to the defi ned formal grammar of the language and Petri-object model formalism. It performs the transformation of the visual representation of the model into the calculation of the simulation algorithm. The advantages of the developed language are a small alphabet of symbols, the opportunity for replication of objects and connections between them, and the versatile application for the discrete-event systems models development.

Prombles in programming 2022; 2: 13-21


visual programming; translator of the visual programming language; Petri-object model; formal grammar of the language; alphabet of symbols


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