Research on methods of building an interactive map in a web application

L.O. Katerynych, N.V. Sazonov


The purpose of this article is to formulate a list of rules for creating an efficient and convenient informational system for vicinity and building navigation and to create a web-app with this functionality. To accomplish this, a web-app user experience, navigation data representation options, their user perception and influence on their emotions were analyzed. Also, a list of recommendations for data representation and storing inside the app alongside with ways of fetching them was composed.

General navigational application development practices were described in this work, a test version of an application was created to harvest users’ reviews and feedback and a "University interactive map" web-application for classroom, teacher rooms, departments, laboratories information displaying and navigating buildings and vicinities was created.

Prombles in programming 2022; 3-4: 327-334


web-app; map objects selection; interactive map; interactive interface; navigation

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