Simulations of human hemodynamic responses to blood temperature and volume changes

R.D. Grygoryan, A.G. Degoda, T.V. Lyudovyk, O.I. Yurchak


An advanced version (AV) of special software based on modified quantitative models of mechanisms that provide the overall control of human circulation is proposed. AV essentially expands the range of tasks concerning the modeling of cardiovascular physiology, in particular, the range of mechanisms controlling cardiac function, vascular hemodynamics, and total blood volume under unstable internal/ external physiochemical environments. The models are verified on data representing hemodynamic responses to certain physical tests. In the publication, two test scenarios, namely blood temperature and volume dynamic alterations, have been simulated and analyzed in detail. The user-friendly interface provides all stages of preparation and analysis of computer simulation. The PC-based simulator can also be used for educational purposes.

Prombles in programming 2023; 1: 19-29



physiology; cardiovascular system; hemorrhage; acute and long-term control; model; simulator

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