Software system for laser targeting dropped ammunition

S.O. Bezpalko, V.M. Shymkovysh, P.I. Kravets, A.O. Novatskyi, L.L. Shymkovysh, А.Yu. Doroshenko


For last few years usage of small commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on battlefield was drastically increased. In addition to use UAVs as spotter, they more and more frequently applied to drop small ammunition on enemy forces. In this paper laser targeting system that suitable for use on lightweight, mobile drones that drop freefalling ammunition was developed. Laser targeting systems are used for detecting and tracking the targets in the battlefield by obtaining the position information of these targets which is being designated and illuminated by UAV’s laser designator then the laser light reflected from these targets and come to the input of the optical systems of the dropped ammunition. An optical system for collimating the reflected beam from the target is one of the main components of the laser targeting system (LTS). The Quad Detector (QD) as a part of this optical system is simply consists of four photodiodes capable of detecting light spot projected on its surfaces and determine the deviation position of the laser spot from its center. It converts the incident laser spot to its corresponding photocurrent, the readout circuit that filter and convert the photocurrent to its corresponding voltage and the tracking system that is controlling the laser seeker movement to track the intended target based on the feedback information of the QD depending on the real position of the tracking platform. Developed system will ensure that munitions are accurately hit the target, reducing unnecessary casualties and damage, as well as reducing the number of sorties required and the time spent in hazardous airspace for the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Problems in programming 2023; 2: 10-23



laser targeting; microcontroller; unmanned aerial vehicles; regulators; hashtags; pulse width modulation; analog digital converter

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