About the implementation of meteorological forecast interfaces for mobile platforms

Y.O. Haydukevich, A.Yu. Doroshenko


The article presents the implementation of a weather forecasting interface for mobile platforms to ensure convenient and efficient user work. The methodology of weather forecasting on mobile devices is considered and an example of the implementation of such an interface in the form of a functional application is presented. The app provides users with up-to-date real-time weather information including temperature, wind speed and current time. The implementation of the interface is based on the use of a special API for collecting and correctly displaying weather data. The study showed that the developed method not only ensures the accuracy of the weather forecast, but also provides additional features that improve the user experience and ensure the usability of the weather forecast interface on mobile platforms. The developed software tool was tested.

The conclusion states that the developed approach can be used to increase the effectiveness of the development of weather interfaces. In addition, the results highlight the importance of using best practices for transferring data from a website to a mobile platform, as well as the need for information visualization to provide a better user experience.

Thus, the work presents a comprehensive approach to interface development, including system architecture, relevant interfaces, and functional requirements. Practical tips are also provided for using data transfer best practices, weather data visualization, and improving the design of user interfaces for mobile platforms.

Problems in programming 2023; 2: 39-48



weather forecasting; interface; API; mobile device; visualization; Android OS


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