Methods and software for significant indicators determination of the natural language texts author profile

V.I. Shynkarenko, I.M. Demydovych


Methods for the formation and optimization of author profiles are presented. The author profile is an image – a vector in a multidimensional space, which components are author’s texts measurements by a number of methods based on 4-grams, stemming, recurrence analysis and formal stochastic grammar. The author’s profile is a model of his language, including vocabulary, sentence syntax features. A comparative analysis of each of the methods effectiveness is carried out. By means of the genetic algorithm, a reduced profile of the author is formed. Insignificant indicators are excluded, which allows to reduce their number by 20%. The reduced author’s profile contains attributes that are significant for this author and is an effective attribution of a particular author.

Prombles in programming 2023; 3: 22-29


natural language texts; authorship determination; genetic algorithm; recurrent analysis; statistical analysis; text classification; pattern recognition; formal grammars

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