Modified method of searching keywords and keyterms in text data

D.O. Bukhalenkov, T.M. Zabolotnia


This article discusses the issue of automated search for keywords and key terms in text data. To improve the efficiency of the tools of automated search for keywords in the text according to the criteria of absolute accuracy and Jaccard index, a modification of one of the most modern methods for searching for keywords has been developed. A modification of the existing hybrid keyword search method is proposed. It takes into account complex dependencies between pairs of words in the text to determine multi-word expressions, which, unlike the original method, allows finding key terms consisting of several words. Tests of the created modification of the hybrid method of searching for key terms showed the effectiveness of its use for searching for key terms in texts in comparison with existing analogues.

Prombles in programming 2024; 1: 12-22


keywords; key terms; text data processing; Python; Stanford classification


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