Programming of one-dimansional and two-dimensional tokens for tokenization of land plots

S. V. Strutynskyi, V. A. Yalanetskyi


The use of blockchain tools that allows spliting virtual objects into parts is considered. Examples of practical use of the developed algorithms are presented. The concept of one-dimensional and two-dimensional tokens representing one-dimensional and flat objects is proposed. Algorithms for the implementation of one-dimensional tokens are developed, and the peculiarities of their practical application are considered. A designed smart contract allows to conduct a basic list of operations with one-dimensional tokens. Algorithms, providing implementation of two-dimensional tokens, are proposed. Peculiarities of presenting territories of virtual worlds and land plots are suggested. A comparative analysis of the use of NFT and two-dimensional tokens for presenting the Earth surface areas is performed. Methods that ensure ownership of tokens at different levels are proposed.

Prombles in programming 2024; 1: 38-47


Blockchain; EVM; smart contracts; NFT; fractional tokens

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