Development of a methodology for the implementation of transactions in distributed systems with microservice architectura

A.M. Glybovets, M.M. Glybovets, T.A. Chernova


The paper describes the analysis of the problems of using microservice architecture in distributed systems. Emphasis is placed on flexibility in the choice of technologies, scalability and organization of teams working on given microservices, technical and domain problems of transaction implementation in comparison with a monolithic system. The main focus is on transactions, as they ensure atomicity, consistency, isolation, and persistence across multiple services. In the process of analyzing modern approaches and solutions for working with transactions in distributed systems, it was found that one of the effective solutions is the use of the Transactional Outbox pattern. Its implementation in the form of Spring starter is presented. The latter is added to the system, configured and facilitates the use of transactions and the publication of events that are part of a transaction in a microservice architecture. The developed methodology for implementing distributed transactions based on message queues, using the above-mentioned starter, is described in detail. The basic configurations and settings of message queues for the correct operation of transactions in distributed systems are defined

Problems in programming 2024; 1: 64-76


distributed system; distributed transactions; microservice architecture; Transactional Outbox pattern; asynchronous communication; Kafka; Debeziu


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