Assembly programming component and service-oriented applied software systems

P.I. Andon, O.O. Slabospitskaya


Basic Issues are fixed for keen Applied Software Applications development. Their statements’ specifics are analyzed for the paradigms of Component and Service programming. The results of SSI NASU researchers are summed up pertaining to cope these Issues with the paradigms of assembly type (interface concept and implementation, object-component programming method, component algebras, methods for data types transforming, formalisms to enable component applications changeability through their variability  management). Amplification of the Component programming backlog in Semantic Web with the Service programming paradigm  is highlighted (formal tools to support life cycle of composite Semantic Service, models and methods to enable its adaptation, methods to optimize layer-parallel compositions). The tools are drafted to technologically maintain usage of Component programming formalisms elaborated. The Problems are defined for fur-their exploration with the Service programming paradigm.

Problems in programming 2017; 3: 31-51


assembly method; assembly programming; interface; component; object; quality engineering; service programming; semantic Web service; semantic Web service composing; arrangement of semantic Веб-services; layer-parallel graph; adaptive composite service


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