Peculiarity of the organization of the infrastructure of open science in Ukraine

S.Ya. Svistunov, P.I. Perkonos, V.A. Reznichenko, S.V. Subotin, E.M. Tverdokhlib


The growing complexity of scientific tasks and their resource capacity requires the integration of resources - information, computing, telecommunications, and others are necessary for performing scientific research and for the cooperation of scientists, both at the national and international levels. Now the development of an integrated science infrastructure that is interoperable with the European infrastructure using standards and software tools for information interaction is becoming relevant.

The forming of national infrastructure should make use of the results of European initiatives regarding the integration of technical and informational resources and ensuring cooperation in conducting research. The combination of information and computing structures begins with the lowest links - institutional, departmental and national, which later will be integrating into common global infrastructures. The article considers approaches to creating conditions and structures based on the cloud technologies for more effective cooperation of scientific teams working on similar scientific problems.

The main tasks for forming the basis of the Open science cloud in Ukraine at the national and institutional levels have been formulated on the basis of a detailed analysis of the experience of developing the European Open Science Cloud and regulatory documents relative to open science cloud in Ukraine. The implementation of these tasks, according to the authors, is significant.

The main results of the development joint information environment for scientific research at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as a prototype of the National Open Science Cloud integrated into the European Open Science Cloud was present.

Prombles in programming 2022; 3-4: 335-348


informatization of scientific research; national cloud of open science; cloud infrastructure; European Open Science Cloud


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