About the Journal: Problems in programming

ISSN: 1727-4907

Founder: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Software Systems of NAS Ukraine

Publisher: Publishing house "Academperiodika"

Certificate of state registration of print media: КВ № 7490 from 01.07.2003

Type of publication: scientific journal

Topics: the publication extensively covers the activities of NAS of Ukraine, the main problems of organizing and coordinating basic and applied research, current issues of science and innovation activities, the current state and prospects of the most important research areas of natural, technical and social sciences both in Ukraine and in the world, reports on the achievements of research teams and individual researchers

Periodicity: 4 times a year


No 3 (2021)

Table of Contents

Programming Tools and Environments

I.Z. Achour, A.Yu. Doroshenko

Information systems

O.V. Zakharova

Informatization of scientific research

S.Ya. Svistunov, P.I. Perkonos, S.V. Subotin, Ya.M. Tverdochlib

Models and facilities for data and knowledge bases

V.A. Reznichenko