Pure first-order logics of quasiary predicates

M.S. Nikitchenko, О.S. Shkilniak, S.S. Shkilniak


Pure first-order logics of partial and total, single-valued and multi-valued quasiary predicates are investigated. For these logics we describe semantic models and languages, giving special attention in our research to composition algebras of predicates and interpretation classes (sematics), and logical consequence relations for sets of formulas. For the defined relations a number of sequent type calculi is constructed; their characteristic features are extended conditions for sequent closure and original forms for quantifier elimination.

Problems in programming 2016; 2-3: 73-86


logic; predicate; semantics; logical consequence; sequent calculus


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/pp2016.02-03.073


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