Storage systems for IT infrastructure

S.Yu. Punda


A review of modern data storage architectures was conducted, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them were given. The data storage systems of the IBM FlashSystem family were analyzed, as well as Spectrum Virtualize software, which is responsible for virtualization, compression, distribution and replication of data stored on the storage system. A mathematical model of the data storage system of IBM Storwize v5030E was developed. Well-known metrics are used to evaluate its performance when using spindle and solid-state drives. The effect of hardware and software data compression on system performance has been experimentally revealed. Recommendations are formulated by which it is possible to determine which media and which technology stack should be used by a business user to complete the tasks assigned to him.

Problems in programming 2020; 2-3: 82-93


data storage system; synchronous data replication; IOPS; Fiber Channel; data compression; business user; business process


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