Software engineering and big data software

N.O. Sydorov, N.M. Sydorova


Software engineering is a mature industry of human activity focused on the creation, deployment, marketing and maintenance of software. The fundamental concepts of engineering are life cycle model; three main components of life cycle phases - products, processes and resources; engineering and methodologies for creating, deployment and maintaining software. Software is the foun- dation of technological advances that lead to new high performance products. As the functionality of products grows, so does the need to efficiently and correctly create and maintain the complex software that enables this growth. Therefore, in addition to solving its own problems, software engineering serves the solution of the problems of creating and maintaining software in other domains, which are called application domains. Information technology is a well-known application domain. The basis of this domain is data. Information systems are being implemented in an organization to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. The functionality of information systems has grown dramatically when big data began to be used. This growth has led to the emergence of a wide variety of software-intensive big data information systems. At the same time, the role and importance of software engineering for solving the problems of this application domain has only intensified. Modern possibilities of software engineering are shown. The aspects of interaction between software engineering and big data systems are analyzed. The topics for the study of big data software ecosystems and big data system of systems are outlined.

Prombles in programming 2022; 3-4: 69-72


big data; big data software; software engineering; big data software ecosystem; big data system of systems

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