The problem of automating the planning of forces, means and resources for management of counteraction of emergency situations

A.L. Yalovets


The article deals with the issue of automating the planning of forces, means and resources used in the process of countering an emergency situation. A formal description of the task of planning forces, means and resources is provided, and it is justified that this task includes two interrelated tasks, which involve the assessment of the potential capabilities of the analyzed region in terms of the available forces, means and resources for countering an emergency situation and the generation of options for groupings of forces , means and resources functionally sufficient to counteract the analyzed emergency situation, taking into account the set of restrictions. The issue of automating the solution of the problems of assessing the potential opportunities of the region and generating variants of groupings of forces, means and resources is considered in detail. The main functions of the ANALYSIS and SYNTHESIS systems, by means of which these tasks are solved, are characterized. It is substantiated that thanks to the solution of these problems, the adaptation of the electronic action plan to the real possibilities of the region is ensured.

Prombles in programming 2023; 3: 58-65



emergency situation; electronic action plan; planning; forces; means; resources; region


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