Support for the management of variability in the family of software systems

A.L. Kolesnik


Variability – is ability of Software Product Line (SPL), single system or its component to be extended, modified, adjusted or configured to use in a particular application domain. Variability is provided for all levels of requirements for the software application, feature model, architecture, code, documentation, tests and more. In general, it can be implemented both in SPL and in specific application. In the first
case variability is provided for a production line that supports the existence of the family as a set of software application. It applies a set of basic elements of any nature (software and non-software) which are contained in the repository of the SPL. In the second case variability provides variability of software components (including documentation), which causes software evolution after the "separation" from the
SPL. In both cases the variability is aimed to ensure the viability of SPL and its applications.




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