Automation in e-procurement system with auction module

B.V. Bodak, А.Yu. Doroshenko


The article focuses on design and development around automation processes in complex e-procurement system with auction module. The complex system was built based on microservices architecture using latest server-side and client-side technologies. Data synchronization and integration amongst system’s various modules was implemented in real time via Web Socket protocol and database triggers. Web client notification methods involved SignalR technology. Data was stored in a distributed database and cached to dramatically improve query execution time. Authentication and authorization for users, modules, and subsystems was designed according to OAuth 2.0 standard with a proprietary implementation of the Proof Key Code Exchange algorithm and Backend for Frontend approach. The web client was built as a single page application using a strongly typed managed language to simplify development and debugging process. The client application was optimized with the help of lazy-loading algorithms for key modules, among them supplier, buyer, and common module. The system was composed into a Docker container to be ready to publish on cloud services or physical servers and support any operating system. A set of unit, integration, and system tests was created for each subsystem and module. Monitoring of the complex includes a technology stack to log, store, and visualize request statuses, latency, uptime, and overall health of the system. Existing automation flows for build and deployment were improved to accommodate the needs of the complex e procurement system. The system was designed and built for key stakeholders such as private enterprises acting as buyers and people or companies acting as suppliers.

Problems in programming 2023; 2: 91-100


e-procurement; auction, e-procurement automation; REST API; Blazor; Web Sockets; Identity Service; OAuth 2.0; Docker; ELK


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