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Beketov, O.G., Institute of Software Systems NAS of Ukraine

  • No 1 (2015) - Software environment and tools
    Automated generation of parallel programs for graphics processing units based on algorithm schemes
    Abstract  PDF (Ukrainian)
  • No 2-3 (2016) - Applied Software
    Development of Meteorological forecasting web portal on multiprocessor platform
    Abstract  PDF (Ukrainian)
  • No 1 (2017) - Models and facilities for parallel and distributed programs
    Method of parallelization of loops for grid calculation problems on GPU accelerators
    Abstract  PDF (Ukrainian)
  • No 3 (2017) - Methods and facilities of software engineering
    Formal and adaptive methods and software tools of parallel programming
    Abstract  PDF
  • No 4 (2017) - Software environment and tools
    Algorithm for automatic loop parallelization for graphics processing units
    Abstract  PDF (Ukrainian)
  • No 2-3 (2020) - Parallel programming. Distributed Systems and Networks
    Automated design and parallelization of programs for heterogeneous platforms using algebra-algorithmic tools
    Abstract  PDF (Ukrainian)