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No 1 (2018) The technique of using Description Logics in the process of constructing a composite service at the functional level Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.V. Zakharova
No 4 (2012) The technology of optimal options choice based on semantic analisis of information objects of the bisnessprocess Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.V. Zakharova, V.D. Minenko
No 4 (2017) The usage of computer vision in the system of digital cutting of materials Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
V.V. Tumanov, А.Yu. Doroshenko
No 2-3 (2018) Theoretical principles of use of ontologies for semantization of the Web resources Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
Yu.V. Rogushina
No 1 (2019) To authors Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
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No 2-3 (2018) Tools of investigation of time and functional efficiency of bionic algorithms for function optimization problems Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
V.I. Shynkarenko, P.V. Ilchenko, H.V. Zabula
No 4 (2003) Towards a possible Background for Synthesis of Programs with Reassignment of the non-monotone deductive System Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
P.P. Prihodko
No 2-3 (2016) Transformation of the legacy code on Fortran for scalability and cloud computing Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.Yu. Doroshenko, V.D. Khavryuchenko, E.M. Tulika, K.A. Zhereb
No 2-3 (2018) Transition systems as method of designing applications in GPGPU technology Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
S.L. Kryvyi, S.D. Pogorilyy, M.C. Slynko
No 2-3 (2012) T-satisfiability test problem for the VL1 logical language of the VRS system Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
V.G. Timofeev
No 1 (2018) Unified process for adaptive Semantic Web service composition Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
О.A. Slabospitskaya
No 2-3 (2016) Usage of AI-planning techniques to solve problems of Web-services composition Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.V. Zakharova
No 2 (2017) Use of domain ontology for homonymy clarification into the natural language texts Abstract   PDF (Russian)
O.N. Lesko, J.V. Rogushina
No 2-3 (2018) Use of methods of algebraic programming for the formal verification of legal acts Abstract   PDF
V.S. Peschanenko, M. Poltoratskiy
No 4 (2016) Use of ontological analysis for competence evaluation of scientists in a particular subject domain Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina
No 2 (2017) Use of ontological knowledge by intelligent agents Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina
No 4 (2018) Use of ontological knowledge in machine learning methods for intelligent analysis of Big Data Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina
No 1 (2016) Use of ontologies for personalized search of knowledge for natural language texts Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina
No 3 (2017) Use of ontologies for personification of semantic retrieval Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina
No 2-3 (2018) Use of semantic technologies for dialogue between labor market subjects Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
S.M. Pryima, J.V. Rogushina, O.V. Strokan
No 2 (2019) Using metadata to resolve big data problems Abstract
O.V. Zakharova
No 2-3 (2016) Utilization of open Wiki resource user activity for ontological model development Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina, I.J. Grishanova
No 2-3 (2012) UWN: The ontological basе of knowledge of the Ukrainian language Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.V. Anisіmov, O.O. Marchenko, A.O. Nikonenko
No 4 (2003) Virtual museum of informatics history in Siberia Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
V.N. Kasyanov, G.P. Nesgovorova, T.A. Volyanskaya
No 1 (2015) Virtualization of models of technical plants in educational and research problems in the development of control systems Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
V.A. Zherebko
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