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No 2-3 (2016) Extending UML specification for semantic modeling objects Abstract   PDF (Українська)
A.V. Novitsky
No 2-3 (2018) Extension of the program synthesis system to analyze large data sets Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.M. Ovdii
No 3-4 (2022) Extracting structure from text documents based on machine learning Abstract   PDF
K.A. Kudim, G.Yu. Proskudina
No 3-4 (2022) Features of building recommendation systems based on neural network technology using multithreading Abstract   PDF
N.O. Komleva, S.L. Zinovatna, V. V. Liubchenko, O.M. Komlevoi
No 2-3 (2012) Features of implementation of simulation processes based on DATA FARMING methodologies Abstract   PDF (Українська)
E.A. Krikovlyuk, V.A. Pepelyaev, M.A. Sahnyuk
No 1 (2012) Features of knowledge representation of an estimation of situations during situational management of protection of zones of the responsibility Abstract   PDF (Українська)
A.L. Yalovets, V.A. Alekseev, V.S. Tereshchenko
No 2 (2015) Features of the modern automation systems of education quality control. Comparative analysis Abstract   PDF (Русский)
E.N. Gajtan
No 3 (2019) First-order composition-nominative logics with predicates of weak equality and of strong equality Abstract   PDF (Українська)
S.S. Shkilniak
No 3-4 (2022) First-order sequent calculi of logics of quasiary predicates with extended renominations and equality Abstract   PDF (Українська)
О.S. Shkilniak, S.S. Shkilniak
No 3-4 (2022) Flow based bonet traffic detection using AI Abstract   PDF (Українська)
B.O. Panchuk
No 3 (2017) Formal and adaptive methods and software tools of parallel programming Abstract   PDF
А.Yu. Doroshenko, O.G. Beketov, K.A. Zhereb, P.A. Ivanenko, О.М. Ovdii, R.S. Shevchenko, O.A. Yatsenko
No 2-3 (2018) Formal foundations for software model to model transformation operation Abstract   PDF
O.V. Chebanyuk
No 2-3 (2012) Formal model of scientific publication Abstract   PDF (Українська)
V.A. Reznichenko, G.Yu. Proskudina, O.M. Ovdii
No 3-4 (2022) Formal semantics and analysis of tokenomics properties Abstract   PDF
O. O. Letychevskyi, V. S. Peschanenko, M. Yu. Poltorackiy, Yu.H. Tarasich, M.O. Vinnyk
No 2-3 (2012) Formalization for sign units creation based on 3d human model for Ukrainian sign language Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.G. Krivonos, Yu.V. Krak, O.V. Barmak, G.M. EfImov
No 2-3 (2012) Formation of the readiness of future bachelors of software engineering for professional communication Abstract   PDF
N.M. Sidorova
No 3-4 (2022) Friend-or-Foe Recognition Algorithm Development for the Corresponding Software Building Abstract   PDF
M.I. Ogurtsov
No 3-4 (2022) From temporal data to dynamic causal models Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.S. Balabanov
No 3 (2017) Functionality and Statistics of the use of the scientific digital library of periodical publications of the NAS of Ukraine Abstract   PDF (Русский)
F.I. Andon, K.A. Kudim, K.G. Matuhina, A.V. Novitsky, G.Yu. Proskudina, V.A. Reznichenko
No 2-3 (2016) Fundamentals for Cost Estimating of Applied Software Development and Modification Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Ph.I. Andon, P.P. Ignatenko, I.P. Sinitsyn, O.A. Slabospitskaya
No 2 (2023) Fuzzy data in semantic Wiki-resources: models, sources and processing methods Abstract   PDF (Українська)
J.V. Rogushina
No 2-3 (2016) Fuzzy probability and fuzzy events Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.I. Provotar, O.V. Vasylenko, O.O. Provotar
No 3 (2015) Game model of user interaction in heterogeneous distributed environments Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.P. Ignatenko, P.A. Ivanenko, O.B. Sinetskyi, O.V. Nikolenko
No 1 (2016) Game theoretic modeling of AIMD network equilibrium Abstract   PDF
O.P. Ignatenko
No 3 (2017) Game-theoretic approach to the network security problem Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.P. Ignatenko
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