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No 2-3 (2016) Machine-learning methods for text named entity recognition Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.O. Marchenko
No 2-3 (2016) Macro-operations extraction out of computation process array sorting data Abstract   PDF (Russian)
O.N. Paulin, N.O. Komlevaya, S.U. Marulin
No 4 (2020) Main Aspects of Big Data Semantic Annotation Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.V. Zakharova
No 4 (2020) Management of the coordination process in sociotechnical system Abstract   PDF
L.A. Girchenko, А.Yu. Doroshenko, Y.V. Ziubrytska
No 4 (2017) Managing data center resources using heuristic search Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
E.V. Zharikov
No 2-3 (2018) Mapping of the relational algebra to the description logic Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
І.S. Chystiakova
No 4 (2015) Mappings of the description logic ALC into the binary relational data struc-ture Abstract   PDF (Russian)
V.A. Reznichenko, I.S. Chystiakova
No 1 (2019) Means and methods of the unstructured data analysis Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina
No 2-3 (2012) Means of designing object-oriented programs based on algebra of algorithmics Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
А.Yu. Doroshenko, V.A. Iovchev
No 2-3 (2012) Means of parametrically controlled generation of algorithms on the basis of algebra of hyperscales Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.A. Yatsenko
No 2-3 (2012) Method of calibration of the СOCOMO model by reduction of the basic equation Abstract
D.V. Batsenko
No 4 (2017) Method of construction of parallel systems for fuzzy logical inference based on GPU accelerators Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
S.V. Yershov, R.N. Ponomarenko
No 2-3 (2016) Method of forming multi-leveled sequential patterns Abstract   PDF (Russian)
A.V. Moldavskaya
No 4 (2018) Method of information and analytical support for information security risk management of information systems Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
Y.S. Rodin
No 2-3 (2020) Method of information obtaining from ontology on the basis of a natural language phrase analysis Abstract   PDF (Russian)
A.A. Litvin, V.Yu. Velychko, V.V. Kaverynskyi
No 1 (2017) Method of parallelization of loops for grid calculation problems on GPU accelerators Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
А.Yu. Doroshenko, O.G. Beketov
No 1 (2016) Methods and Models for Employment of the Expert Analytical Knowledge in Organization Decision Making. Part I. Decisions Knowledge Models Abstract   PDF (Russian)
E.P. Ilina
No 4 (2016) Methods and Models for Employment of the Expert Analytical Knowledge in Organization Decision Making. Part II. The Ontological relations and the decisions field coherency analysis Abstract   PDF (Russian)
E.P. Ilina
No 2-3 (2020) Methods and tools for developing an information system for validation of non-formal learning outcomes Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
S.M. Pryima, О.V. Strokan', J.V. Rogushina, A.Y. Gladun, A.A. Mozhovenko
No 2 (2019) Methods and tools for extracting personal data from theses abstracts Abstract   PDF (Russian)
K.A. Kudim, G.Yu. Proskudina
No 2-3 (2016) Methods of parallel computing for multilevel fuzzy Takagi – Sugeno systems Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
S.V. Yershov, R.М.. Ponomarenko
No 1 (2019) Methods of recognition by the agent of the unknown environment Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.L. Yalovets
No 2-3 (2020) Model of information object for digital library and its verification Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.V. Novitsky, V.A. Reznichenko
No 2-3 (2016) Modeling technology based on fuzzy object-oriented Bayesian belief networks Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
S.V. Yershov, F.V. Kostukevich
No 3 (2017) Models and methods for automated analytic support of the organization decisions field Abstract   PDF (Russian)
E.P. Ilina, I.P. Sinitsyn
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