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No 4 (2020) Algebraic modeling in international and local service logistical systems Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.O. Letychevskyi, S.O. Gorbatuk, V.A. Gorbatuk
No 1 (2020) Algebraic patterns of binary code vulnerabilities Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
V.M. Yakovlev
No 1 (2018) Algebras of general non-deterministic predicates Abstract   PDF
M.S. Nikitchenko, O.S. Shkilniak, S.S. Shkilniak
No 1 (2016) Algebras of quasiary and of bi-quasiary relations Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
M.S. Nikitchenko, S.S. Shkilniak
No 4 (2017) Algorithm for automatic loop parallelization for graphics processing units Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
А.Yu. Doroshenko, O.A. Yatsenko, O.G. Beketov
No 1 (2018) Algorithm for automatic loop parallelization for graphics processing units Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.Yu. Doroshenko, I.Z. Achour
No 1 (2016) Algorithms of relationships and dependencies search in Web-pages Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.M. Glybovets
No 4 (2019) An approach for problem area elaboration and usage of organization’s strategic decisions risks Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
E.P. Ilina, O.А. Slabospitskaya
No 1 (2012) An approach for software white box testing with genetic algorithm Abstract   PDF (Russian)
O.A. Slabospickaya, O.G. Moroz
No 1 (2018) Analysis of formal models and standards for structured electronic document in corporate informational system Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.V. Sharypanov, I.E. Shchetynin, S.M. Ivanov
No 4 (2016) Analysis of Genetic Algorithms for solving the 2D Orthogonal Strip Packing Problem Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
M.M. Glybovets, N.M. Gulayeva, I.O. Morozov
No 4 (2012) Analysis of systems of fuzzy logic to approximate fuzzy functions Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
Т.S. Schegelski, O.O. Provotar, O.I. Provotar
No 3 (2015) Analysis of the computational resources of personal computers Abstract   PDF (Russian)
R.Yu. Lopatkin, V.A. Ivashchenko, S.N. Ignatenko, V.V. Kuprienko
No 4 (2015) Analysis of the natural language legislative documents semantics with use of domain ontology Abstract   PDF (Russian)
O.V. Lesko, Y.V. Rogushina
No 1 (2016) Analytical review on information retrieval methods and applications in the Semantic Web Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
I.J. Grishanova
No 2-3 (2018) Anatoliy Yefimovich Doroshenko is 70 years old Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
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No 1 (2018) Announcement Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
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No 2-3 (2016) Application of deep learning and computer vision frameworks for solving video context prediction problem Abstract   PDF
D. Voloshyn
No 2-3 (2020) Application of deep learning technology for creating intellectual autonomous machines Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.S. Bilokon
No 4 (2003) Application of GIS to Systems Analysis of Environmental Health Data in Context of Risk Assessment. Part 1: General Description of the Domain and the Problems Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
A.I. Kuksa
No 4 (2019) Application of machine learning in software engineering: an overview Abstract   PDF (Russian)
O.H. Moroz, H.B. Moroz
No 2-3 (2020) Application of machine learning to improving numerical weather prediction Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
А.Yu. Doroshenko, V.M. Shpyg, R.V. Kushnirenko
No 4 (2020) Application of ontological analysis for metadata processing in the interpretation of BIG DATA at the semantic level Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina, A.Ya. Gladun
No 4 (2003) Application of problem domain ontological description for relevantness increasing of informational retrieval Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
J.V. Rogushina
No 1 (2017) Appliсation of the phase correlation algorithm and its extension in the optical stabilizer of unmanned aerial vehicles Abstract   PDF (Ukrainian)
O.L. Dreval, А.Yu. Doroshenko
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